Trades and crafts

This is our special offer for Tradesmen and Craftsmen in order to help you to learn and improve your English to develop your business.
Image d'une commerçante
  • Do you have customers who speak English and would like to communicate better with them?

  • Do you want to welcome them and put them at their ease?

  • Do you want to feel  more at ease when speaking English?

  • Do you want to sell your products and services more easily to non-French speakers?

  • Do you need to communicate by phone or email in English?

At the Centre Anglais de l'Yonne we adapt our courses to your personal needs :

  • Reception

  • Telephone and Email

  • Availibility

  • Prices

  • Tips

You will learn vocabulary and ready-made expressions that will help you every day, with good pronunciation (essential!)

We offer you:

  • courses focused on Trading.

  • 8 hours of lessons in 2 hour increments

  • Flexibility - you choose days and hours you want (subject to our availibility)

  • Learn in small groups (up to 4 people)

First meeting and evaluation is free. Enjoy it !

20€ /hr per person (total 160€)

Contact us for more details.

Centre Anglais de l’Yonne
28 route d'Auxerre
89290 Venoy
Tel. : 06 64 37 72 31
Welcome to Centre Anglais de l'Yonne. We can offer tailor-made courses which will help you to improve your English skills in a friendly environment.